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Rekey / Master Key

Rekeying Locks & Creating Master Keys

Re Key Lock

Among the swiftest solutions to help the security of your dwelling or business is to rekey your locks.

People could have the keys to your house or business. The last owner, a housekeeper who you fairly recently fired, a staff member you let go, a workman who did construction work.

Property owners and business owners can't ever be absolutely clear on who has created duplicates of your keys. Rekeying a lock isn't as pricey or cumbersome as shifting a lock.

Locksmiths may substitute missing or loaned keys with a brand new key, all while the lock remains on your door. By using a skilled technique, specialists can safely rekey your locks making them secure against unwanted entry. Now you can control who has use of your own home or small business and restructure your basic safety.

A Single Key For All your Door Locks

Another advantage of rekeying is making what's called a Master Key for your home or business. The engaging thing regarding the master key is that you can re-configure a key to fit a pre-existing lock that uses a different key.

The main benefit of a master key is that you can put new locks to your house or company and not having to put more keys on your key ring. Master keys are an appealing notion somewhat like lock picking mainly because it's a means of getting past locks without the main key. This lets a single person, say a building manager or super, access numerous locks, while every individual owner can open only their particular lock without having to be able to open all the locks.

Some very important reasons to rekey your home or business and create a master key.

  • Moved to a new home
  • Purchased a new business
  • Lost your keys
  • Loaned a key to your home or business and didn’t get it back
  • Different keys for all locks and want only one set of Master Key
  • Allowing one person to access different locks
  • Eliminate multiple keys on your key ring