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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions Locksmith

If my key is labeled “Do Not Duplicate”, is it possible to make a copy of it?
Keys that are labeled "Do Not Duplicate" can only be copied if the authorized individual presents the key to be copied. Companies registered with restricted Do Not Duplicate keys must honor the Do Not Duplicate intention and only make keys for someone that has been authorized to do so. Unauthorized persons will not be eligible to have those keys copied. All locksmith companies refuse the right to duplicate any key that is labeled as such.

What should I do if my key is hard to insert, remove or turn?
The best way to handle a situation where your key is hard to insert, remove or turn is by purchasing WD-40. WD-40 or any of the same time of oil can be purchased at any hardware store, supermarket or drugstore. Once you’ve purchased this, spray a decent amount into the keyhole and onto the bolt area. Turn the bolt mechanism in and out allowing the oil to penetrate inside the lock. Remember, do not attempt to take the lock apart unless you are certain that you have the knowledge to put it back together.

My lock doesn’t lock or unlock easily?
Once you’ve attempted the above process, it is recommended to check if the lock is functional while the door is open. If you see that the lock is working properly, then it’s most likely that your problem is not with the lock but with the door or door frame. Make sure that there are no obstructions around the door or door frame area. If you notice any obstructions, make sure to contact a professional to handle the situation.

I accidently misplaced or lost my car keys.
Having new keys made for you vehicle is a costly expense. One way to save a little money is to provide the locksmith with a key code. This code can be found in a number of places. You should check the original bill of sale or even the owner's manual. Having this key code can save you money since it will make the job for the locksmith slightly easier when remanufacturing you a new key.

What is the different between a Rekey and Master Key?
Rekeying a lock is the process where a skilled professional locksmith will reconfigure the tumblers in an existing lock and provide you with new keys for the same lock. One of the fastest ways to improve the security of your home or business is to rekey your locks. Many people may have the keys to your home or business. The previous owner, a housekeeper who you recently fired, an employee you let go, a contractor who did construction work. Master Keys is a concept where a locksmith can re-configure a key to fit an existing lock that uses another key. The advantage of a master key is that you can add new locks to your home or business without having to put more keys on your key ring. This lets one person, say a building manager or super, access many different locks, while each individual owner can open only their own lock without being able to open all of the locks. Basically a master key enables two different types of keys to open one lock.

Is the "Do Not Duplicate" marking on a key enough for controlling key duplication?
No. While we respect the "Do Not Duplicate" marking on a key, many discount stores do not. To effectively prevent unauthorized key duplication, a restricted key lock should be used such as Medeco or Keymark Locks.

Can I purchase tools to open locks?
In most states, it is illegal to sell or maintain entry devices. Our company will not sell entry tools to any individual, no exceptions. Only licensed and professional locksmiths are allowed to maintain entry tools.

Is it possible to find or purchase a key that can open all types of locks?
There is no such thing as a key that can open all types of locks. The only similar type of situation is a master key which was described above. Master keyed locks are generally used in commercial establishments such as office building, hospitals, hotels, or schools.

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